September, 18 2021 - Stories
Coach takes psychedelics to inspire next step in life and business

Discover how a psychedelic retreat with psilocybin truffles helped Cyntha process grief and find clarity on her next steps in life.

April, 17 2020 - Stories
Writer Angela Addresses Trauma with a Psychedelic Retreat at Synthesis

Angela came to Synthesis to work through deep personal trauma with a psychedelic experience at one of our retreats. Discover her story and reflection here.

March, 23 2020 - Stories
Doctor Keith shares second psychedelic experience

How did Keith’s introspective trip in the Lighthouse help him face his fears and boost his connection with the people around him? Watch his interview to find out.

February, 21 2020 - Stories
Why my psychedelic journey was a perfect start to 2020

When Sibren took a psychedelic journey, he didn't know what would happen. Discover what a psilocybin retreat is like, and how it changed his view on life.

February, 3 2020 - Stories
Artist Terri shares her second psychedelic retreat experience at Synthesis

How did Terri’s introspective trip in the Lighthouse help her face her fears and boost her creativity? Read her heartfelt story and watch her interview to find out.

November, 25 2019 - Stories
Psychedelic experience gives writer James a new perspective in life

James came to Synthesis to have his first psychedelic experience. He came with an open mind, and left with a meaningful new perspective on his new career as a writer of

April, 11 2019 - Stories
Ripping open the veil

Read this personal story of one participants journey at a Synthesis Retreat in the Netherlands.