December, 2 2022 - Insights, Research
Revealing New Possibilities: Serotonin, Evolution, and Psychedelics

Recent research suggests that psychedelics may enhance our brain’s “active coping” pathway, thought to be associated with the serotonin receptor 5-HT2A.

October, 29 2022 - Research
Relaxing Our Beliefs, Rewriting Our Stories: A Cognitive Perspective On Psychedelic Well-Being

If you’re intrigued by the potential of psychedelics and want to know more about the science behind how and why they “work,” you’re not alone!

January, 6 2022 - Research
Psychedelics Change Metaphysical Beliefs

How can psychedelics help you make sense of abstract concepts such as being, knowing, identity, time, and space? New research shows that participants in psychedelic ceremonies...

December, 1 2021 - Research
Breakthroughs, Integration and Emotional Stability: How Could a Group Psychedelic Retreat Improve Mental Health?

Quantitative analysis explores changes in mental health (wellbeing, depression, anxiety), connectedness and personality after a retreat, with promising results.

July, 30 2021 - Research
Can Psychedelics Improve Healthy Habits?

Research shows that having a psychedelic experience can make you more inclined to have healthy habits. Our Director of Research Pedro Teixeira explains.

May, 1 2021 - Research
Guided Group Psychedelic Experiences: Togetherness as Healer

New research from Imperial College London shows how the group experience during a retreat can predict positive impact on well-being and psychedelic transformation.

April, 30 2021 - Research
Four Participants Share First Time Psychedelic Experiences

Four Synthesis alumni shared their first psychedelic experience in qualitative interviews and surveys that explored the outcomes of a truffle retreat at Synthesis.